Identity and Access Management

softek November 21, 2023 0

Identity and Access Management

Softek International Inc.’s security professionals manage digital identities and control access to compute and store resources within agencies. Our teams manage federated, security platforms across the data centers and cloud to provision users, grant or revoke accesses, and enforce security measures. Our security professionals optimize the operations by using automated processes and self-service portals. We manage audit trails, manage access records, and enable agencies to meet internal policies in order to provide secure access. Our consultants always stay apprised of industry standards, best-of-breed technologies, and best practices.

Some of Softek’s Services:

  • User Provisioning and revoke: User accounts, Roles, and Access rights
  • Access Management: Self-service Portal, Single sign-on, and RBAC policies
  • Password Management: Password policies and Multifactor-authentication policies
  • Compliance: Monitor user activity, Analyze and report

For more details on how Softek can help manage your Identity and Access platforms, please Contact Us.