Mobile and Custom Software Development

softek November 21, 2023 0

Mobile And Custom Software Development

Softek Interational Inc.’s software development professionals leverage agile methodologies to develop software solutions to meet the growing needs of agency stakeholders. We collaborate with them to support their overall business strategies and vision. Our professionals use commercially available technologies, such as cloud native services and containers, and practices like DevSecOps to rapidly develop and deliver solutions. We leverage Service Oriented Architecture and Microservices’ architecture styles to develop new systems. We leverage Test Driven Development, combined with automation, to expedite the delivery of well-tested systems. Our consultants stay apprised of all current industry standards, best-of-breed technologies, and best practices.

Some of Softek’s Services:
  • System Development: Agile practices, SOA and Microservices’ architecture styles, DevSecOps, Test Driven Development, and Secure products
  • System Management: Service Management, Problem Management, Incident Management, and Security verification
  • Test and Evaluation: Independent lifecycle testing, System acceptance, Behavior development, and Test-Driven development

For more details on how Softek can help your Mobile and Custom Software Development initiatives, please Contact Us.