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Cybersecurity Specialist Jr – FISMA Inventory

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The FISMA Inventory Team is responsible for: Management of the DHS FISMA Inventory and corresponding designations (CFO, HVA, MES, and PII), Processing Inventory Change Requests (ICR) submissions from HQ components, Planning & Conducting FISMA Inventory Quarterly Meetings with DHS HQ Components (HQ Components Outreach), Processing Quarterly Action Items/Responses, Reconciling HQ Components’ Inventory & Reports for different systems – types/categories, Developing Executive Summary Reports for all DHS HQ components, Updating FISMA Inventory policies/changes to methodology annually, and as applicable, Developing training materials for DHS HQ components on new policy updates/changes, Integrating the FISMA Inventory Database with ServiceNow to automate the ICR process and inclusion of Compliance Tool


  • Provide support to the Federal Lead in all aspects of the FISMA Inventory Program
  • Maintain and update the DHS FISMA Inventory Methodology. Recommend and implement improvements to the Methodology as approved by the Federal Lead
  • Develop, maintain, and update internal standard operating procedures for all inventory tasks and reporting. Keep up-to-date internal SOP/documentation of all Inventory processes in Teams or any other applications in use (shared folders/drives, SharePoint, etc…) as specified by the Federal Lead
  • Plan, host, and coordinate Component Quarterly Inventory Discovery Refresh Meetings to obtain general organizational information and updates, additions, or modifications to the Component FISMA Inventory for system discovery
  • Maintain and update the FISMA Inventory to ensure that all system categorizations and data align with all data sources
  • Capture and maintain a list of third-party systems processing or storing DHS data in accordance with OMB directives. Ensure all EISs are captured in the DHS FISMA Compliance Tool and complete workflow.
  • Maintain and update FISMA Inventory and the back-end databases. Provide information/feedback for any updates to the ServiceNow Application contents in as needed/required
  • Integration of current database and application/tools, upgrade, and migration of data to new tools
  • Generation and automation of monthly and quarterly reports pertaining to FISMA Inventory which may include but is not limited to the Component monthly reports, freeze files, etc…
  • Prepare documentation, freeze files, report schedules, and executive summary reports for each DHS Component before and after Quarterly Refresh Meetings
  • Ensure the proper forms are utilized to track inventory changes and Federal approvals before requests are processed
  • Provide maintenance, development, support, and recommendations for old and new initiatives pertaining to FISMA Inventory. Use more efficient, new, cost-effective processes and technologies of the FISMA Inventory Database and Front-end applications
  • Lead in Automation and development of all stages of Inventory Workflow Process, i.e., the Change Request (CR), reporting, and all approval processes in current and new platform
  • Provide support to the system boundary consolidation effort
  • Routine Inventory Management Support:
    • Process daily Change Requests (CR) from HQ components and maintain the FISMA Inventory Mailbox
    • Respond to Help Desk and direct inquiries. Ensure that all requests are completed each month
    • Research and provide responses to customers on CRs processed
    • Create and post Monthly Component Export Reports in Microsoft SharePoint Website/Teams Application and current/future platform used
    • Create/Automate Monthly Change Request Report
    • Create/Update Inventory Process and Training PowerPoint Slides presentation as needed
    • Routinely update FISMA Inventory Change Request Form
    • General Annual policy updates and changes


  • At least one of the following:
    • CISSP
    • CAP
    • CompTIA Security+


  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Must have 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Must have an active Secret security clearance


  • This position requires the candidate to come on-site to the facility twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday), and work can be done remotely. The main facility is located in the National Capital Region within the DC Metropolitan area.


  • Salary is based on the number of years of relevant work experience the candidate has.

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