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Oracle E-Business Suite Consulting

Softek International is an Oracle Gold Partner and has in-house expertise in Oracle’s E-Business Suite technology. With our extensive experience in E-Business Suite applications, our seasoned experts can provide complete applications lifecycle services including Implementations, Upgrades, Mergers & Acquisitions support and specialized Testing services to ensure an risk free and cost effective implementation.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) is a comprehensive solution addressing the enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and supply chain planning requirements for organizations of all sizes across industries.  Oracle EBS provides organizations with a solution for enhancing productivity, reducing costs and laying an foundation that provides organizations with flexibility to quickly adapt to ever changing market dynamics and an strong technology foundation to leverage multiple channels for engaging and communicating with customers, suppliers and other business entities.


Service Offerings:

Business Value Assessments:

Although Oracle has released their latest Fusion Applications integrated suite of products, many organizations continue to utilize EBS for its stability and functionality.  Our Business Value Assessments (BVA) for Oracle Applications match your organizations specific requirements with Oracle EBS & Fusion Applications functionality, and provide a roadmap for either implementing, upgrading or integrating the appropriate solution footprint.

  • Optimal Solution:  Your organization benefits from leveraging our deep domain expertise, years of experience and strong technical skills in identifying the optimal solution addressing your organizations needs and goals.
  • Cost Insight:  The BVA can provide an overview of expected implementation time and cost options enabling you to make educated decisions on total cost of ownership across the applications lifecycle.


Oracle E-Business Suite Implementations:

Leveraging Softek’s EBS ‘Fast-Track’ methodology can provide organizations with a quick start approach to getting started with implementing Oracle EBS.  The ‘Fast-Track’ approach is a toolkit of pre-built Oracle EBS virtual environments and common data conversion templates that enable organizations to quickly execute the initial conference room pilot allowing their users to preview EBS and perform test transactions.   This approach improves system adoption rates and reduces implementation timelines resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs.  Benefits of leveraging Softek include:

  • Single vendor for complete application lifecycle services.
  • Deep technical experience across Oracle products enabling improved ROI for your Oracle investments.
  • Proven methodology, Industry best practices and clear Governance structures aimed towards creating long-term partnerships.


Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrades:

Organizations need to upgrade their applications for various reasons including meeting regulatory compliance, leveraging technology benefits or accommodating mergers, divestitures or acquisitions.  Upgrades provide an unique opportunity to evaluate usage of existing applications and their suitability to support future business demands.  Softek’s experience with EBS’s various versions and other Oracle technologies ensures an effective and fast upgrade to the most appropriate EBS version.

We work with your application business users and technology personnel to conduct an upgrade assessment and provide roadmaps and insights into the benefits of upgrade v/s reimplementation options.   Benefits of utilizing Softek for your upgrades are:

  • Detailed Upgrade v/s Reimplementation options detailing functionality and technology benefits and pitfalls.
  • Our CEMLI Remediation toolkit can quickly analyze existing CEMLI’s and provide retire v/s upgrade options.
  • Implement new functionality
  • Robust methodology based on proven approach and rigorous regression testing.


Please contact us so we can help you maximize your Oracle investment.