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Value for hotel owners

Softek offers a range of personalized services to provide professional service and assistance to a wide range of hospitality related business and organizations. We work with our customers to educate them on all available tools and services, identify new revenue opportunities and help keep them up to date on the latest industry hospitality trends…

Softek International is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel and tourismindustry. Our extensive experience in Hospitality industry puts us in unique position to offer hotel companies an unrivalled portfolio of IT and distribution solutions. We leverage our IT experience in other commercial and public sector to allow hotel companies to benefit from continual technologyevolution and securing competitive advantage. With each confirmed reservation, successful check in and seamless check-out our software applications prove to be reliable, efficient and secure. Our complete end-to-end work with their data warehouse provide a rich amount of business intelligence for our clients marketing dreams, allowing them to direct the right product of theirs to the customer with the highest potential for purchase.

Currently our focus in Hospitality industry is in following areas:

Central Reservations Systems

In order to execute on the Business’ initiatives, IT needs to continue overcoming obstacles like legacy systems. The hardware and software that drove yesterday’s projects are now today’s risks and a hotel brand’s CRS can be a huge liability unless a clear transition plan is put in place.

Softek has evaluated, planned and executed migration paths for many mission critical systems, including CRS’s to next generationsolutions:

  • Real-time, single image inventory
  • Instant bookings through GDS
  • Efficient property and reservation systems
  • Disaster recovery

The results of their work are evident:

  • Decrease in maintenance support costs
  • Increase web bookings
  • Solid financial controls
  • Increase in employee productivity and efficiency

Data Warehouse & Reporting

The data warehouses that Softek has managed have contained a variety of important customer data:

  • Guests name records
  • Corporate accounts and travelagent’s commissions
  • Central profiles
  • Sales, marketing, and loyaltyprogram data

But the expertise and skills that our data warehouse team transfer across all industries:

  • Merging existing data marts into one common warehouse
  • Staging the raw data
  • Integration of the data
  • Access to the data for our customer

During this process all the data is cleaned, transformed and cataloged. But the data is useless if all it does is sit in the warehouse, thus the presentation or reporting features are critical. Softek has found these points important to our clients:

  • Data source connection capabilities
  • Scheduling and distribution capabilities
  • Security features
  • Customization
  • Export capabilities
  • Integration with Microsoft Office environments

Custom Applications

Softek is just weeks away from rolling out a custom application that will raise the bar in the hotel rate shopping arena. Their application, directed towards the economy and mid priced hotel segments, will empower the hotel owners and managers to make more strategic and accurate room rate pricing decisions byhaving timely competitive rate data at their fingertips. Furthermore, Softek is pioneering a unique rate changing service based upon our customers own rate management philosophy.

This is one example of the out-of-the-box thinking that has made Softek a leader in custom development. They have experienced system analysts and programmers who can work for you starting from your requirement analysis to the application development and maintenance. Our focal point is not only application development but also its collaboration, deployment, management, migration and customization.