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Softek secures your assets

Cyber-Security-287x218 Cyber Security

Softek International understands information systems security. Our information security consultants offer robust and authoritative advice that enables clients to quickly assess, mitigate and control security risks in order to protect their business systems, infrastructure, networks and critical processes.

Cyber Security

Softek’s team of cyber security technology experts help organizations evaluate and prioritize emerging technologies, build secure cyber architectures, and develop and implement effective standards. Our professionals can help you prevent revenue losses and minimize risk as you create, enhance, or overhaul your information systems. Our consultants stay apprised of industry standards, best-of-breed technologies, and best practices. As a member of your team, Softek International is well positioned to craft realistic, practical solutions to help deter intrusions, misuse, computer fraud, and industrial espionage. We work with senior corporate executives andgovernment leaders to develop strategic cyber security programs that ensureresilience of organizations in the face of advanced cyber threats.

Softek International works to integrate cyber security planning into all aspects of traditional risk management and business continuity planning. Our team of experts have an unmatched understanding of the nexus between enterprise risk management, IT security and legal / policy requirements vital to successfully defending critical business assets in a dynamic threat environment. Using encryption services, firewalls, andproprietary network defense tools, Softek International specialize in detecting, preventing, and responding to unauthorized attempts to access protected information systems.

Our information assurance services include:

  • Security policy and architecture development and implementation
  • Vulnerability and risk assessment.
  • Security operations benchmarking and optimization.
  • Network penetration and multimedia services testing.
  • Supply Chain Integrity.

For more details how we can help secure your cyber world, please contact us