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Our Beliefs and Behaviors

culture-287x218 Our Culture

Our people are the company’s fundamental asset. This is the primary reason that the founders chose to make Softek an employee-owned company. A successful employee ownership scenario provides the ability to attract and retain top quality technical professionals who may be required to meet stringent security requirements…

Our Culture

At Softek, one of our core Values is Growth, specifically in our employee’s professional and personal lives because we know that they are the company’s most fundamental asset. With our employee focus in mind, we have cultivated a culture that:

  • Respects each employee’s individuality and diversity
  • Requires them to live up to our Values and Vision
  • Treats employees as long-term partners
  • Offers the resources and support employees need
  • Seeks out and encourages new ideas
  • Gives employees the trust and authority to make decisions
  • Provides competitive benefits compensation
    • Encourages open channels of communication
    • Pays competitive rates and rewards hard work
    • Provides equal opportunities for all our employees and those that we seek to recruit
    • Ensures a safe, healthy and stimulating workplace
    • Offers development opportunities through employee programs

We strive to provide comprehensive benefits at minimum cost to the employees while staying competitive in the market place. If our culture attracts you, contact us for the opportunity to be a part of an expanding technology company thatinvests in its people. A complete list of career opportunities and benefits is available on the Hotjobs page.