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Technical Writer Jr

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  • Creates and revises technical cybersecurity documents such as manuals, reports, brochures, and articles as per FISMA requirements
  • FISMA requires that cybersecurity policy be updated at least annually
  • Per these requirements, the 4300A policy directive, handbook, and attachments need to be reviewed and updated annually to ensure they incorporate changes in cyber security policy as outlined in guidance from the National Institute of
    Standards (NIST)
  • FISMA requires contractor support personnel to draft and review the 4300A policy documents
  • Federal personnel would assist in researching, developing, drafting, editing, and implementing the current 4300 policy directive, handbook, and attachments
  • The Contractor will create or work with diagrams, charts, and other visual aids
  • The Contractor will provide administrative, clerical, and cybersecurity policy subject matter expertise for the Front Office Administration and Communications Division within OCISO
  • OCISO requires this support to facilitate its efforts to accomplish the strategic mission, objectives, and goals of all OCISO organizational units


  • None


  • Must have an Associate’s Degree
  • Must have an active Top Secret security clearance
  • Must have 1 to 3 years of relevant work experience
  • The Contractor must be able to provide support in cybersecurity reporting
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work independently


  • This position requires the candidate to come on-site to the facility twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday), and work can be done remotely. The main facility is located in the National Capital Region within the DC Metropolitan area.


  • Salary is based on the number of years of relevant work experience the candidate has

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