Our Policy

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Our Policy

Our Benefits:

  • Softek covers 100% premium-paid single health insurance coverage for full-time employees.
  • Full-time employees’ insurance coverage begins on their start date.
  • Insurance coverage includes medical/dental and vision plans.
  • Coverage for dependents is available. Please contact Human Resources for premium cost.
  • United Healthcare is the insurance provider for all plans.
  • Coverage ends on employees’ last day of employment.

Our Referral Policy:

At Softek International, we actively encourage and reward referrals from almost anyone and you don’t even have to be an employee of Softek to earn a bonus. We believe in this basic form of marketing because it works and has unique advantages:

  • Employee referrals are an effective means of identifying and attracting good job candidates. Our employees are involved with a large community of people outside of work. They have family members, friends, neighbors, and associates who may have the type of experience we need. Many of the individuals we hire report that they found out about job opportunities at Softek through someone who works here.
  • Employees are ambassadors for the Softek. Employees have firsthand knowledge of the mission, functions, services, and opportunities at Softek. They can speak honestly and credibly about the work and the work environment.
  • Employee referrals contribute to the success of the Softek. Employee referrals help us attract talented people and can help us control our recruitment expenses.

If a referral results in hiring a new employee or a consultant, Softek pays you a referral bonus. We do this because we believe in giving credit where it is due.

Business Referral Program:

Softek International rewards independent business agents when they refer new business opportunities to Softek that result in revenue for the company. Again, the person does not have to be employed by Softek International. This is just another way of saying THANK YOU for thinking about us and giving us more business. To learn more about our Future Business Referral Program please contact our office.

Standard Of Business Ethics and Conduct:

Since the inception of Softek International in 1997, the company and our industry have undergone substantial growth and change. However, the principles set forth by Niraj Sinha, President of Softek International, remain the same and we’ve done a great job incorporating those principles into our culture.

Softek International’s reputation for integrity is one of our most important assets and we expect all employees to safeguard that reputation in the performance of their duties. Anything less than total commitment in this area is unacceptable. These “Standards of Business Conduct” cover some familiar territory and some new territory. Please take time to read them and understand how they apply to you. If you have any questions concerning these policies, discuss them with your manager or the Softek International Human Resource/Legal Department.