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Our Partners Our Valuable Asset


We at Softek International believe that partnership allows us to build upon our core competencies and expand our capability to better serve our clients and their vision. We utilize our partner’s tools and solutions to help drive future demand and provide our clients with access to the foremost research and development findings, training programs and technologies that the industry has to offer…

At Softek, one of our strengths is knowing what we do well and maximizing those core competencies. Another strength is knowing what other providers do exceptional well and partnering with them. Simply put, nobody can do everything.

From the beginning, we wanted to serve each customer to the best of our ability and help them realize their vision. To do this, we knew partnering with like-minded companies, large and small, would assist us in accomplishing this. Today, we have a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with some of the most important technology vendors in the marketplace. This ensures that our clients gets unprecedented access to the technology and support skills they need.

At the end of the day, our customer has put their faith in Softek and we understand that if our Partner does not perform, our client relationship is hurt. So we hold our Partners to the same strict service and professional levels that we hold our own employees.

Our partnerships have delivered valuable results for our customers:

  • Reduced their IT spend
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Minimized business risks
  • Driven real business results