State Government

softek November 21, 2023 0

State Government

Softek Interational Inc. has been selected by state governments for building applications such as the Judiciary Information System and the Integrated Tax System. As a registered Minority Business Enterprise/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise in a multitude of states, Softek understands the needs of not only state governments but also society as a whole. Working with partners at the state government level, Softek has been instrumental in the integration of hardware, middleware, and application components to facilitate legacy wrapping and design interfaces to allow information to flow freely back and forth without interruption. We have provided these results to numerous state governments by strategically modernizing the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and applications used to support the courthouses and legislature. Our experience in working hand in hand with different branches of various state governments is diverse and extensive in comparison to many.

Softek has diligently worked with our technical partners, along with different state governments, directly to accomplish tasks such as participating in orals to conceptualizing end stage solutions. Some of the recent instances of success of Softek with state governments are:

Integrated Tax System (Department of Revenue, for an Eastern state):

Many of the information systems in use at the Department of Revenue have been in existence for over 20 years and were implemented to address specific tax types processed by the department. As a result, the systems exist within their own stovepipes and this presents challenges to IT and business support teams when attempting to view and process taxpayers holistically. With the current demands of all sectors of government, following the mindset of do more with less, the trend in tax processing is towards enterprise systems that collaboratively share information and leverage content across tax types and functions. We are helping our client implement an integrated tax solution based on the SAP Tax and Revenue Management solution.

Judiciary Information System (for an IT savvy state):

We implemented a strategic vision for the Administrative Offices of the court. The scope of the project covered:

  • Review and document the emerging architecture developed by the Judiciary Information System.
  • Expand the strategic vision component model to identify critical integration points and considerations.
  • Prepare independent assessments of build versus buy component strategies including risk analysis and mitigation strategies.
  • Prepare a comprehensive, detailed project plan, considering constraints and dependencies.
  • Prepare management reports and presentations, as requested.

For details on how Softek can provide you support, and for a complete list of services, please contact our corporate offices.